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why choose Air Suspensionthe main features

  • Absorbs Entire Shock

    Air Suspension absorbs the entire shock in case if vehicles gets bumped into the potholes,speed breakers and also in the regular course of route
  • Self Steer Technology

    Works on a Self Steer Technology which means adjusts the shock automatically according to the pressure.
  • Axle Clamp

    Axle Clamp group design reduces lateral stress
  • Better Breaking systems

    Available with flat U-bolts to accommodate hardest brakes which means better breaking system in case of emergency brakes also
  • Wider Axle

    Wider Axle connection provides added strength and durablity

Air Suspension Benefits

No Damage

No Damage to the goods during transportation

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery of Goods

No Cost

No Cost of Repairs after transportation

No Rejection

No Rejection of exported goods due to transportation damages

Reduction In Efforts

Reduction in efforts and cost of claiming insurance after transportation damage